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Save Money!            Increase Business Productivity               Lower Electricity Bill


GK Lighting offers High Efficiency LED Lighting upgrades for large and small business including retail chains, drug stores, museums, office buildings, factories, hospitals, hotels, schools, libraries, restaurants, grocery stores, mini-marts, gas stations, warehouses, street lights, parking lots, and storage spaces.

LED Features

  • 2x Brightness

  • 5x Longer Lasting

  • 50% Less Electricity

  • 90% Less Heat

  • Safe Mercury-free

  • Durable Glass-free

  • Eco-friendly recyclable

  • 5 Year Warranty

GK LED Lighting  Benefits

  • Reduces electricity usage and cuts cost by 50-80%

  • LEDs last 50,000 hours vs 10,000 hours for standard bulbs

  • Eliminates frequent maintenance and replacement cost

  • Durable and reliable, flicker-free consistent lighting

  • Increases sales, satisfied customers means more business.

  • Fosters a safer business environment with well-lit space

  • USA based LED light manufacturer and reliable supplier

  • Nationwide sales team, HQ in San Jose, California

Mini Mart and Gast Station picture before and after LED upgrade
Parking Lot image showing before and after LED upgrade
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