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Exterior Lighting

December 01, 2016

It is important for business-owners to take into account their customers’ needs even after they exit the store. Many customers feel insecure and apprehensive when walking through an empty, dark parking lot to reach their car.

Parking lot LED lights are the perfect solution for business-owners seeking to illuminate dark outdoor areas. With their bright light and long life, commercial LED parking lot lights make customers feel more secure and welcome, which serves the dual purpose of keeping them safe and making them more likely to enter your business at night. Thus, LEDs are a great way to increase property value and make it more attractive to patrons.

Retail & Grocery Lighting

October 01, 2016

Properly lighting a retail location is very important for driving sales and customer satisfaction. Grocery & retail stores need to be brightly lit so people can avoid injury, see all the products, and feel energized. LED lights can be used for ambient overhead lighting, as well as task and accent lighting. It is important to have extra lighting in areas where workers and shoppers need to complete more complicated tasks. Namely behind the counters, near the entrance/exit, at the cart return, and behind service desks. These are areas where people are more likely to get hurt in dimmed mood lighting, or where extra illumination can help increase productivity. Recessed lights work well when these areas happen to have lower ceilings, but hanging lights can also work wonders. Task lighting can prevent employees from becoming frustrated and thus improves customer service. Decorative lighting is important, but never remove light at the expense of safety. Also be sure to include enough exit signs and emergency lights. In the event of a power failure you have to be sure your store can still be navigated. 

Warhouses & Industrial Buildings

September 01, 2016

When one thinks of warehouses and industrial buildings, they are likely to envision workers having to load and unload goods late at night or early in the morning when its darkest. Of course, this time of the day and night can seem dangerous, especially if these spaces do not have proper lighting to ensure worker safety and more. With this in mind, LED lights for warehouses and LED lights for industrial buildings become an obvious must and a worthy investment for any company looking to increase safety, security, and even savings. 

Benefits and Advantages 


In addition to safety and money saving, LED lights for warehouses and industrial buildings come with a number of benefits and advantages for workers and their employers alike. These include: 


• Better Performance: LED lighting currently offer the most efficient lighting and energy technology available. Due to more lumens per watt, LED lights have a stronger life, give off less heat, and are actually much lower maintenance than fluorescent and halogen lights. This means a lower maintenance cost for the warehouse distribution center as well as the industrial building. 


• Improved Visibility: Industrial buildings, warehouses, and stockrooms need proper lighting so that tasks can be performed efficiently, and LED lights offer highly improved visibility no matter what the workspace looks like. Open spaces, ones lined with racks and shelves, or even those with lots of corners and merchandise that create shadows will be brighter and lighter, improving visibility for workers. In fact, the higher the activity in the area, the more light is typically needed, which LED lights can easily provide. 


• Better Safety and Color Rendering Index (CRI): LED lighting tends to have much better color rendering, meaning it is much closer to natural sunlight. This means that the human eye can adjust in and see better when under LED lighting. The higher the CRI, the more accurate colors and definition are to the eye, which is why LED lights are perfect for spaces that are used during all hours of the day and night. With better lighting, there is more safety, less mistakes, and even more efficiency should a power surge occur. On average, other light options can take 10 minutes or more to come back on, while LED lighting is able to re-light immediately, keeping workers and work space out of the dark. 


Bottom Line


LED lights for warehouses and LED lights for industrial buildings can make a huge difference when it comes to company safety, efficiency, and even savings. The simple switch of which lights a company uses in their warehouse and industrial building spaces can lead to a number of other improvements, making this change a necessity. 

Gas Station Lighting

November 01, 2016

Nearly every car owner has frequented a gas station at some point. Aside from price and desperately needing to fill up an empty tank, there are definitely reasons why drivers choose certain gas stations over others.

So as the proud owner of a gas station, how can you up your appeal to customers? After all, when potential clients drive by, they only have a few moments to decide whether they’re going to fill up at your station—or keep driving and find another.

One great, simple way to draw more customers to your gas station is by having the right lighting. Although they won’t stay long, proper gas station lighting that meets customers’ needs can make all the difference.

Many gas stations have turned to LED lighting to make themselves more appealing and approachable to customers. With LED lights for gas station canopies, customers are bound to feel more welcome and safe as they make their purchases. Also on the plus side, LED lights will save you money on your electricity bill, thanks to their efficiency and how environmentally friendly they are.


Atmosphere and Safety

It’s no secret that dimly lit gas stations seem less welcoming and less safe. Unless it’s an emergency, customers are likely to keep driving instead of stopping for gas. A gas station that’s well-lit, especially with LED lights, will attract drivers looking for a variety of things: food, gas, a rest stop, water, bathroom, etc. 

The welcoming atmosphere of an LED-lit gas station will also help customers feel safe the moment they step out of their car. With no pockets of shade or visible dangers, customers will enjoy the visibility and ensure that their trip to your gas station is as productive and time-saving as possible.


Money-saving and efficient

After switching from traditional lighting to LEDs, you can reduce energy costs up to 40-80%. In fact, LED lights are up to 80% more efficient than fluorescent or incandescent lights. Additionally, since LEDs are much brighter than traditional lighting, you’ll need less LED lights in order to achieve the same level of brightness required for fluorescent or incandescent lights. This saves money while also contributing to a less-cluttered feel on your gas station canopy; customers will undoubtedly appreciate the aesthetic appeal of minimal but bright lighting.


Environmentally friendly

LED lights are incredibly eco-friendly. They don’t contain toxic elements—mercury, for example—so when you do dispose of them, they won’t contaminate the environment in a landfill. LEDs also have a long life span compared to traditional lighting—up to six times longer—which means a lower overall carbon footprint and less time/money dedicated to replacing old lights. By using LED lights at your gas station, you’ll be able to save the environment and save money at the same time.

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