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Save Money and Go Green - Upgrade to High Efficiency LED Lighting

Over Two Billion (2,000,000,000) in-efficient, high wattage, mercury based, non- recyclable, and flickering fluorescent tube lights are currently installed in USA. Our mission is to replace them with high efficiency LED lighting that is eco friendly (mercury free), last 5x longer, offer 2x better light output, reduces electricity usage by 50% to 80%, and lowers maintenance cost. By upgrading to LED lighting customers are saving millions of dollars in electricity bill annually.

Our Story


GK Collective, Inc. is a leader in supplying small and large companies with the products they need. We started in 2011, in Silicon Valley and have a growing sales and installer network nationwide. Contact us online or our Sales team to learn all about LED lighting solutions and our team will be happy to assist you with detail information regarding LED upgrades and retrofit services.

Featured LED Products

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